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The Noise Behind the Namaste

You’ve become a yoga teacher or opened your own yoga studio. What are you giving people? The things that people come to yoga in search for, which range from pure physical benefits to the spiritual—strength, flexibility, better health, less stress, more happiness, more calmness, self-actualization, ancient wisdom, inner peace, nirvana. 


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Random Musings

This is a collection of thoughts about yoga; pieces that are too small to stand on their own but together form an interesting mosaic. They touch on savasana, drinking water during practice and how our thoughts, feelings and actions are connected.


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Hot Yoga Teacher Training

In 2013, I embarked on a hot yoga teacher training course that led me to become a yoga teacher. It was amazing, intense and exciting all at the same time. Some weeks I felt inspired and on other weeks I felt exhausted. At times I felt confident of standing in front of a room full of students, and at other times my nerves rattled me. But I stuck it out. My postures improved, I learned a lot about myself, about people and about yoga. 


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Bend It Like Mei Ling, Singapore's 12-year-old Yoga Champ

2010 World Yoga Junior Champion Lu Mei Ling explains how she contorted herself to a world title.


Lu Mei Ling shows she can bend it with the best at the 2010 International Yoga Asana Championship. Most 12-year old kids in Singapore spend their time playing computer games, sitting in front of a TV, or burying their nose in schoolwork. Not so for Lu Mei Ling, who since the age of nine has been practicing Bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga City Hall.


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Healing Moves

Striking a pose in yoga and qigong comes with health benefits that go way beyond the physical.


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Why You Shouldn't Skip Yoga Class When You're Tired

Yesterday’s yoga practice started slowly. I was a bit tired. My day had started before 5am and I taught two yoga classes, running on coffee and the energy from the students in front of me. When I got on my mat for my own practice after that, I was slightly limp. The prospect of pushing through 90 minutes of intense practice, even though I have done this hundreds of times before, was not very appealing, and I very much felt like taking a nap instead! But I didn’t want to miss practice, so I soldiered on. 


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