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I've been writing since the day I was born. I have written extensively about Singapore, the city I live in, the things that happen here, the myriad personalities that make up its diverse society and other interesting and quirky things about the place. Most of all I love to write about social issues and the arts. I care about having a more open and fairer society and advocate that in my writing.


Here you will find a collection of my work, spanning articles that have been published in magazines, websites and books, to my poetry and short fiction. There's a wide variety here, from commissioned pieces to works that were born out of pure inspiration. 


My other great passion is yoga. I've been practising yoga seriously since 2007 and in 2013 became a yoga teacher. It was the fulfilment of a life goal. I also enjoy writing about yoga.


In between writing and teaching yoga I spend time with family, try to find the time to support the causes I believe in, and go on the odd scuba diving trip because blissful feeling I get underwater is heaven on earth.


Stay open to what life has to offer, believe in yourself and have faith. You can do more than you ever imagined.


I live in Singapore with my husband and four children.

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