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A Taste of Tokyo

Elaine Ee heads to Tokyo and finds Japan’s delicate balance of traditional and modern encapsulated at some of the city’s favourite Japanese and contemporary restaurants.


In the eyes of the world, Japan has for many decades been a symbol of advancement as well as immaculately preserved tradition and culture. People are as comfortable associating Japan with the latest gadget or car as they are with shrines, temples and age-old rituals and practices. 


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Packed with Ideas

Over the decades, backpacking has become a massive industry, with travel agents, accommodation, shops, bars and cafés catering specially to this huge section of the travel market. In some destinations, entire streets are taken over by backpackers.

A new breed has emerged recently: the 'flashpacker'. This is the backpacker grown sophisticated. They like their hip brands and are totally wired. But they're still free spirits. And they're still on a budget.


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Chasing Dragons

Every century or so, a slumbering dragon awakes—and now, it is Slovenia’s

turn. A dragon is their symbol, as it is for so many other European countries,

decorating the flag of capital Ljubljana and guarding the city’s most famous

bridge, aptly named Dragon Bridge. Legend has it that the bridge’s four

dragons were slain by Jason and his Argonauts—who then went on to found

the city—and now stand immortalised in green copper, purportedly coming

to life when a virgin crosses their path.


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How Does Our Taste Change at 30,000 Feet?

Does grilled tiger prawns on lemongrass skewers served with a Panang sauce and jasmine rice sound appetising? Well, if it does, it will sound even more so in the First Class cabin of a British Airways flight out of Bangkok. It’s one of the many tantalising dishes on that flight’s menu, but it didn’t just appear there because someone randomly thought it was good idea; it made the cut because it fit the many—and quite scientific—factors that the airline’s menu designers take into consideration when picking the right dishes to serve at high altitudes.


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Sharing the Chateau Dream

A family Chateau in Burgundy opens its doors to guests with a stunning refurbishment


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The Savoy: The Old Is New Again

Its perfect restoration positions London’s famous hotel for the future.


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Putting Manila on the Map

Super luxurious fashion designer properties are changing the face of the Filipino capital. We speak to Robbie Antonio, the man at Century Properties responsible for this new wave. 


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Top Deck

With yachting on the rise in Asia, beautifully customized super yachts are appearing on the horizon.


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