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Screen Singapore: How Much Will it Change Singapore's Film Industry?

Singapore filmmaker Kelvin Tong and U.S.-based producer Sukee Chew give their take of Screen Singapore -- billed as Asia's Cannes -- and the true state of Singapore’s film industry.


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The Singapore Biennale 2011: Turning Singapore into a Cultural Capital

Art works from international and Asian artists add a twist to the city’s spaces and its growing art quotient


In a disused hanger, sunlight streams through broken windows. Rainwater drips from rusty iron girders. In this unlikely setting stands one of the key works of the Singapore Biennale 2011 (March 13 to May 15) -- a big barn with a stuffed goat.


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Keeping the Singapore International Film Festival fresh

When the Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) first appeared in 1987, it was about the only event in the island where you could watch independent, non-blockbuster films. Two decades on, Singapore is awash with festivals big and small, regular screenings of festival-type films at Golden Village’s Cinema Europa and Cathay’s The Picturehouse, and at hip indie cinema Sinema at Old School.


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Singapore's ArtScience Museum: Lots of Museum, Not so Much 'ArtScience'

It's dramatic and it's modern, but Singapore's ArtScience Museum threatens to overshadow the exhibits it should be highlighting. Visiting the brand new ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands initially threw up more questions than answers.

Firstly, what is ArtScience? The broad term can be applied to anything and while it offers the museum endless options, it also poses the risk of ambiguity. For some, this particular classification is as thought-provoking as the museum's architecture.


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Art Stage Singapore: Highlighting the Best Local Artists

Curator Eugene Tan explains how this week's Art Stage Singapore event may just be the breakthrough moment for the Singapore art scene. 


This year marks a big year for the arts in Singapore. And this week (January 12-16), the world's eyes turn to the Little Red Dot as top art galleries, collectors and enthusiasts from around the world gather at Marina Bay Sands for prominent Asia-Pacific art fair,Art Stage Singapore, the first art fair of this magnitude in Singapore.


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Bhanu Inkawat: Elevating a Thai Fashion Brand to the World Stage

After many years in advertising, 55-year-old Thai style maestro Bhanu Inkawat decided to do something groundbreaking. He started his own fashion label. This was rare in Thailand in the early 1980s, but Inkawat'sbrand, Greyhound, was soon making heads turn with its edgy cuts and hip designs.


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MTV VJ Utt: Working It in a Skirt for Men's Fashion Week 2011

Who needs Red Bull when you have wings like these?The men's fashion industry in Asia may have just found its biggest champion in MTV VJ Utt. Doing more than just lending his high profile name and well known voice to the Men's Fashion Week 2011 (March 30-April 3), he'll also return to the catwalk -- the first time in a decade -- happy to strut his stuff in a variety of outfits; including a man skirt and some futuristic-looking togs.


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Singapore’s Man About Town Dick Lee on the Audi Fashion Festival

Dick Lee: Never a dull dresser and never caught without a jacket.From writing songs to staging musicals to lighting up Orchard Road for Christmas, Dick Lee has done it all. Dubbed Singapore’s "Mad Chinaman" after his album of the same name, and for his eclectic and flamboyant style, 54-year-old Lee now has another opportunity to flaunt himself -- as chairman of the Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2011 (AFF).


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