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But It Was You


Last night I dreamt

Of death

It was an ogre

Cloaked in a brown hood

With a broad nose

Wide nostrils

On a big squat face

Like a toad


I was led up

Some stairs with

A brilliant angel

His hands

On my shoulders

So soft


At the top of the stairs

Stood a door

There I paused

And turned around

To wave one last


To those I love

Tears running

Down my cheeks


Then I faced

The door

The angel

Opened it

Showed me in

At which point

I vanished

Into light


I ceased to be me

No longer I


That was my dream


The next day

I got a call

From you

Telling me

What the doctors

Had found

In you


And that

The end

Was nigh


When I dreamt

Of death

That other night

I did not know

I was dreaming

Of you

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