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You know how some things in life are just meant to be. If life is a giant quilt made up of all different kinds of patches—some bright, some dark, some blending right in, some sticking out, some that came from within us, others that we picked up along the way—these things are the pieces that make the quilt more complete, better and more beautiful. And you know when you’ve found find one of these precious pieces because it feels just right for you. Like it’s meant to be.


Coming to to this yoga training was one of those things. After doing my first teacher training last year, I was certified to teach but did not feel ready at all. I lacked confidence and experience, and the teaching energy was not there. So I took my time and let things be. The energy will come when it comes, I told myself, there is a time and place for everything.


Well a year on, the energy did start to rise up and I began to feel ready to step out there as a teacher. But no opportunity presented itself to me. ‘Start a class at a community centre'; ‘start a class at your condo’, people told me. None of these paths seemed right though.


The desire continued to burn within me, searching, sending it feelers out. And when something burns in your heart, it fuels you and will draw you to the path that will bring fulfilment.


And indeed it did. One day I dropped by my old hot yoga studio, to look at some yoga gear and maybe say hi to friends. When I walked into the studio, sitting at the front desk was the studio director, who has over the few years that we’ve known each other, become a friend. She looked at me, I looked at her—and in that very instance, inexplicably, intangibly, something connected.


It turned out that she had be wanting to get in touch with me about a copy writing job she needed done. As we talked about that, she revealed that she was going to train her own yoga teachers and was started a teacher training course in a few weeks. The teachers from that course would go on to teach at her studio after the course.


When I heard that, I just knew that this was something I wanted to do. I made the decision on the spot, in my mind, to sign up. I asked the studio director if she would have me on board. And she agreed! After a few emails, some back and forth, and discussing this with my husband, I committed to this course. Fortunately, I am blessed with a supportive family.


When I walked into the studio that day I had no idea that this training was about to take place and that there was still a vacancy. The studio director had no idea that I was going to walk into the studio, and that I had a desire to become a teacher. This coming together happened entirely spontaneously, organically; it was serendipitous. It all just fell in place, there and then. It was what I call a ‘meant-to-be’ moment.




A Meant to Be Moment



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