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“Never underestimate the vital importance of finding early in life the work that for you is play 

Sir Ken Robinson, educator and imaginator


I took this picture of an old Chinese temple on a tiny street in Bendemeer. The temple was flanked by a tower block of condos and a arterial road thundering with traffic. It just sat in its corner, quiet but not forgotten; next to a graceful, drooping banyan tree. To me it captured Singapore now; a city where remnants of the past lie scattered within a concrete jungle, like little plants that grow out of cracks in concrete, vulnerable but clinging on to life.




"There is No Fashion Industry in Singapore"


I attended a couple of shows at this year's Singapore Digital Fashion Week and got to speak to one of Singapore's best and most established designers, Thomas Wee. He lamented the lack of skill, manpower and professional standards in Singapore fashion, and spoke of how ridiculously high costs make survival very diificult. I've heard the same story in different creative professions here and think it's a real shame that we let our own talent struggle.


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