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The Transformation


Floating in mid air

Naked, free flowing

Writhing and swimming

Waving, pale skinned


Tentacles protrude

In many places

Head to toe

Tethered to the past


Attached to sockets

Of history

Fixed in the

Recesses of time


One for each love

One for each hate

One for each wound

One for each death


Tentacles break off

One by one

Leaving stumps behind

Severed, open flesh


Loose tentacles wave

In their sockets

Goodbye, they say

Goodbye lady, goodbye


Tentacles grow back

Some stumps renewed

Only to break again

With a vengeance


Finally stumps remain

Through them not

Blood or flesh

But black void


Flesh closes in

Sealing the stumps

Like flowers curling

In at the end of day


Where stumps were

Are shades of black

Bruises under new skin

From head to toe


From black to light

The bruises change

Blessed by the source

An unspeakable love


And so she rises

Scars turned to glory

Magnificence resurrected

Just as she was

When she first begun


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